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Built for brands. Powerful enough for data science.

Everyday is the first analytics company built specifically for brands and creatives. Using AI/ML we are able to analyze more data and turn it into actionable insight.

Color, content, and copy trends. Learn how your customer talks, emerging influences, and the designs that drive them to purchase. All in easily presentable visuals to back up your concepts.
Create better customer profiles and understand their community. Analyze the trends and engagement behavior behind your brand, categories, products and activations.
Identify the emerging market trends and competitive forces that influence your customer and business. Map out YoY trends and how they diverge by gender, category, and product.

Our Solution

Eliminate gut-instinct and hype from your decisions. Everyday tells the story behind the data. Giving you actionable insight and that is accessible for all of us, not just the data scientists.
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Everyday AI has a 99.9% accuracy rate in detecting brand signals.


Up to 300x faster than other analytics platforms. 


75% cheaper than other enterprise platforms. Everyday can drastically reduce cost and waste.

Our Advantage

Our AI+ML powers both detection and analysis.

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Automation means that results are accessible in real-time.

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Designers and data scientists alike can take advantage of our findings. Our platform is designed to put insight into more hands.

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We look at the whole picture. Stitching together insight on brands, consumers, teams and more.

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