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Gain the insight you’ve never achieved before.

Everyday is the first AI powered branding technology company. Revolutionizing how businesses approach branding, we provide AI driven insight, strategy, and brand implementation services. Utilizing our proprietary AI engine, we gain actionable intelligence on brands, their customers, and their competitors.

Customer Insight
Actionable customer insight in real-time. Increase the lifetime value of your customers by monitoring how your brand is being used and who is using it.
Brand Discovery
Map the life of your brand and all of its signals. With real-time insight into where, when, how users are interacting with your logo, colors, taglines, and imagery.
Competitor Tracking
Track how your competitors and their customers are taking action in the marketplace. Aggregating content and data into one place.

Grow Your Brand + Build Your Business

At Everyday we facilitate the growth of quicker, better & more effective brands.
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Detection Accuracy

Everyday AI has a 99.9% accuracy rate in detecting brand signals.

Social Commerce Growth

Expected growth in customers buying through social media and other content sites.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Brands and marketers use content to determine and build customer loyalty

Measure your ‘brand exhaust’ utilizing our proprietary AI and get closer to your customer.

Empower your organization with better insights by utilizing the everyday AI engine.

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Anywhere, anytime. Our technology can be applied on a global scale.

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We tailor programs to fit your unique needs. Scaling in size and timeframe, and building robust insight, strategy, and implementation services.

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Gain data and insight immediately to provide your teams the information necessary to make quick, actionable decisions.

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Customer focused brands + agencies



Consumer brands that invest significantly in their brand and digital marketing efforts. With a team that needs data driven insights into how customers are interacting with their brands.
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Agencies performing brand and digital marketing space needing a way to bring better data more quickly to test, prove and take action on new concepts.
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