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If You Can, You Should.

If you have great capabilities but you cannot predict the outcome, should you do it?

It’s a common dilemma. In our case, the application of AI/ML has potential to be applied with unforeseen consequences socially. How do we reconcile actions with unforeseen consequences? 

A Technology in Motion…

Recognize that we’re already past ‘if’. Once a subject enters the common lexicon the object is already in motion. In the case of AI/ML, individuals, businesses, and governments are already utilizing its benefits extensively. Whether for capital gain or dystopian oppression, the point of ‘if’ we should use it is moot. The only factual consideration is, how we use it and regulate it

Action Causes Reaction

We are talking about societal development, not Newtonian physics, but the case still holds true: every action causes a reaction. Whomever is applying the technology is responsible for the reaction it causes. While this might seem obvious, it’s meant to illustrate two distinct points. First, the reason for the use of AI/ML is arbitrary. If it can be applied it will. Second, the responsibility should be revered. That starts with educating our community about facts and not opinion.

This is easy for me to say. At Everyday, we have begun our journey with deliberate plans to create more equity within organizations. By putting better insight into more peoples hands. We have also found ways to bring societal issues to light. This is the responsibility we revere. This is the shift from ‘if’ to ‘how’. 

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