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There’s a problem in the digital insight world. But we’ll get to that. When you’re truly innovating you venture into uncommon territories of what people commonly understand. For us, the most common question is what exactly is brand exhaust? It’s a great question.

The easiest way to understand is to imagine the billions of user-generated posts on social media everyday. Let’s say a user posts a picture from their recent trail run. In that picture they just happen to be wearing a Nike jacket. This is an instance of Nike’s brand exhaust.

The easiest way to understand is to imagine the billions of user-generated posts on social media everyday..

Now amplify this globally, across all of the user-generated content produced globally featuring a Nike product. You start to understand the scope of a brand’s exhaust. We take a step, or two, further. We know that a brand isn’t only a logo. Brand’s are built on the many signals they design to represent it. From their many brand marks and unique colors, to the taglines and products used in creating demand.

We developed the Everyday AI as a way of measuring these signals dynamically. We went further still, building it to be able to do this across still, motion, and live content feeds. All so we can gain the best possible insight into how brands live in the real world.

Why is this important? 

It’s two fold. First, let’s focus on why it’s important in the digital insight world. Imagine you want to know what people are saying about the new product you just launched. If you asked the people closest to you, you’ll end up with overwhelmingly positive reviews. This makes sense. The people closest to you are generally invested in your success and want you to succeed. The problem is that the snapshot we’ve gathered is skewed to confirm our own biases. In the corporate world this can lead to costly mistakes.

This and surveys is how other firms ‘track’ brands. Unless a user tags or #’s your brand, that piece of exhaust is lost. When some use brand tags to boost a non-brand post, this skews the data further. This reliance prequalification is inherently flawed. We skip this by finding brands how they appear organically.

Let’s now talk about your most important asset: Your customers. Understanding how your customers use your product reveals why they purchase it. This is the linchpin of reengagement efforts. It is also a keystone for innovation, marketing, and the overall increase of customer lifetime value. Being able to track organic customer usage builds the foundational understanding of how to create more value for them and your business.

How does Everyday achieve this?

Our tech is built to track the organic signals of your brand. We tailor our solutions to each of our partners unique needs to ensure the best possible outcome. From brand discovery and product releases, color trend analysis to competitive benchmarking. The Everyday Company bridges the gap between organizations and their customers.

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