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Local AI Startup Merges With Brand Agency


[PORTLAND, OREGON] – Portland-based AI tech startup, Everyday Intelligence, has merged with local branding agency, Amprsnd, to form The Everyday Company. Everyday’s vision is to bridge the gap between organizations and people by democratizing access to data. 

The technology behind Everyday utilizes artificial intelligence to measure *digital brand exhaust and in addition, the business provides ancillary services. This allows partners to better track brands across digital channels to benchmark competitors, gain customer insight, and to monitor trends amongst many other benefits. Most competitors claiming to measure brand data and social media use antiquated tracking methods; hashtags or tagging a brand. Everyday eliminates the need for these outdated methods and reduces the reliance on big-data through its unique technology.

“If we could use this to track each Nike brand, this would be an exciting and powerful tool with endless potential,” – Sarah Fantl, Creative Director at Nike.

Originally devised as a better way to track brands, the founders set out to make strategically important data accessible to employees often overlooked by organizations; giving them a leg up in the workplace. Co-Founder’s Jacob Kaempf and Hallie Exall helped develop the technology after spending their careers working in brand and technology. 

“Most employees are too far downstream, isolated from, or are not given access to the quality insight needed to make informed decisions in the workplace. Our tech, the platform, and our company are setting out to change that.” – Jacob Kaempf, Co-Founder & President of The Everyday Company.

Companies can lose insight once they deliver a product to a consumer. With much of the world’s population now posting millions of forms of user-generated content online each day, we have an opportunity to seize that information and deliver quality insights back to the brands in which they are interacting with, finally revealing that ‘black box’ of consumer insight that companies have been so desperately wanting access to. Everyday now makes this possible.” – Hallie Exall, Co-Founder of the Everyday Company


*What Is Brand Exhaust: [Blog: Tracking Brand Exhaust]

Brand exhaust is all of the assets or ‘brand signals’ a brand gives off as they appear across digital channels. This takes form as brand, partner and user-generated content and has correlated data with each instance. 

An example of your brand exhaust is user-generated social media posts. Consumers incidentally wear branded products with unique features such as logomark, designs, colorways, etc. 

About The Everyday Company:

The Everyday Company was founded with a simple mission – to bridge the gap between organizations and people. Our vision is to become the go-to source of insight and service for the everyday employee and the brands they work for. We do this by focusing on our three pillars: 

  • Be Practical
  • Create Value
  • Be Dynamic


Based out of Portland and Honolulu, is known for their work on local brands such as Bishops, and Hawaii based brands Hawaiian Host and Mauna Loa.

Media contact: Reland Logan – 503.569..4585 – RelandL@EverydayCompany.co

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