What Is Brand Exhaust?

Brand exhaust is all of the assets or ‘brand signals’ a brand gives off as they appear
across the digital channels. This takes form as brand, partner and user-generated
content and has correlated data with each instance.

An example of your brand exhaust are user generated social media posts.
Consumers incidentally wear branded products with unique features such as
logomark, designs, colorways, etc.

What makes Everyday’s AI unique + valuable?

Our non-reliance on predesignation techniques to identify brand exhaust. We train
our technology to each unique brand signal. Detecting the natural occurrence of
your brand across UGC and other forms of content.

Predesignation techniques used by other organizations – i.e. hashtags – create
flawed and incomplete data. This is due to their reliance on the platforms, networks,
and users to prequalify content. Analysis of this data leads to incomplete windows
and false insights and can lead to costly missteps.

Is Everyday only a technology platform?

In short, no. The Everyday Company offers a full suite of services to our company.
While we lead with our technology to provide best-in-class insight in to our partner’s
brands, we use this to build world class brands.

Is your technology only for consumer insight?

Not at all. Customer insights are only the tip of the Everyday iceberg. We
encourage our clients to explore the vast potential of applications of this platform.
By training dynamic sets our customers can perform everything from competitive
benchmarking to color-trend analysis. We encourage our partners to push the
boundaries and figure out new and innovative ways to grow!

What is 'Customer Insight'?

We believe that the customer should be at the center of every decision that a company makes.
From innovation to marketing, it is essential to understand what your customer wants and needs
from your business. To understand this a brand must always keep a pulse on how their
customers are behaving.
The problem is that customer insight is still essentially run the exact same way it has for a
century. Relying on complex surveys, intercepts, and observations. Until now.
Everyday utilizes AI to provide insight into how your customers use your brand. We do this by
training our software to detect the unique signals of your brand. We work with companies to
identify key factors relating to their efforts to target our tech. When instances are detected, we
aggregate and interpret the data and provide a clear picture of how your customers interact with
your brand.

What is 'Brand Discovery'?

Brand is the perception of your company. This perception is defined by the signals put out, the
perspective of those receiving, and the values they attribute thus. To gain a clear understanding
of this it is paramount to perform a comprehensive brand discovery. Clearly mapping how the
brand exists outside of the confines of company walls.
Everyday utilizes a proprietary technology to track and anlyze br
This intelligence allows brands and their stakeholders to take decisive action around their brand.

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