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No Easy Solution

We often speak about the underlying mechanisms that affect us at work. We allude to ‘real’ reasons and simplifications to assist us in processing complicated situations. I for one am exhausted with pretending. There is no easy solution to any problem. And, no, I don’t need another productivity widget, instagram guru, or ted-talk exhausting simplicity. 

In my perspective the true culprit of this over-simplification is our fetishizing of convenience.

Marie Kondo was hocking home goods in the same breath as minimalism (She had to reframe her false-minimalism as ‘cherishing’). People espouse the ethical and environmental benefits of vegetarianism while flaunting obtuse defense for the consumption of citrus fruit in the winter, coffee grown in a half a world away and avocado toast… don’t get me started here

In my perspective the true culprit of this over-simplification is our fetishizing of convenience. We seek out an easy answer like an addict searches for a high. We put want before need in both reason and action. 

The 5 Whys 

Sometimes, I have to take a step back while working and ask myself, why? Then I ask why again. And again. The founder of Toyota developed this method. I like it because, disguised within its schtick-like exterior, the “5-Whys” hides something very difficult. Listening. 

In an increasingly displaced workforce, listening can be our greatest tool. And, much like the unpopularity of caloric deficit in weight loss, it is hard for people to practice because it isn’t convenient. It also doesn’t solve all of your problems, nor is it fancy. It’s just effective. 

As we stare transitions in the face we have to stop overreaching for the easy ways to explain away the hard work that is simply necessary. We have to start by reaching out to people, asking them good questions, and listening to what they have to say – especially those we don’t see eye-to-eye. 

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