Cold Soup: Breaking Bread & Boundaries

As we’re all being culled into like-minded self-interest sounding boxes,  we wanted to create meaningful connections between creatives all backgrounds that would last. Because, at the end of the day we’re all crazy, weird, and different. But, as we found out, we all need to eat. Whether it’s awkward professional events and the subsequent self-aggrandizing, or the digital networks where that same behavior is exaggerated by the protective bubble that the digital world creates. Meeting and connecting with your peers is difficult.

Meeting the people that might challenge you and grow your perspective beyond what you’re used to is improbable. We’re all, seemingly, being culled into like-minded self-interest groups where growth and understanding are thrown away in favor of mutual back-slapping and a fear of being wrong.

There’s a time of night (or, morning if you’re doing it right) where the bars are all closed and the sleepless minds are all still up and hungry. In Honolulu and cities throughout Asia, if you know the right people you’ll find the cold soup spots. Serving hot food 24-hours and a strange but refreshing bowl of, what we call, “cold soup”. Tasting nearly identical to Heineken, the cold soup experience has been the catalyst for these restless souls to share, argue, fight, and makeup, but ultimately create bonds that last beyond the normal hours of the day.

Just like these after-hours experiences, we didn’t try to fix the social fabric of our society. We had chefs design a menu of unpretentious food with the drinks pairing to match. You might ask, so you had a dinner party? Maybe. But more than that we built an experiment that attempted to put people that wouldn’t normally come together in the same room and tested whether food, alcohol and a great experience would create lasting connections. It did. Studies have even show that eating with peers increases trust & cooperation in one another.

From concept to execution, we developed a dinner series that brought together a spectrum of passionate creatives around the confectionary delights of amazing chefs.

Project Info
Role: Brand Development, Creative Direction, Concept
Project: From concept to execution, we developed a dinner series that aimed to bring together the spectrum of passionate creatives around the confectionary creations of amazing chefs.
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