Hawaiian Host: Branding with Sound

Capitalizing on the power of sound to augment the Hawaiian Host brand, we developed an adaptive sound logo that could adjust to various geographies and reinforce the Hawaiian Host experience beyond the gustatory and visual experiences of the product, packaging, and advertising.

The sound in advertising remains one of the most capable tools to capture attention, affect emotions, influence purchasing decisions, and increase brand recognition. By incorporating musical elements into our short form digital media and broadcasts we effectively created a more complete and memorable brand experience that reinforces our message of indulgence without the need for visual reference.



Working with a local studio in Honolulu, whose owners have a history in original scores and Hawaiian music, we recruited a group of musicians to do a full-length, free form composition from which we were able to extract short form instrumental and vocal compositions to build the adaptive “sound logo” that we did.

The adaptiveness of the sound logo was critical as sound preferences are highly individual and vary by culture and demographic. Where one musical reference might be relaxing to one person it could very well inspire the opposite effect for the next person. Working through a specific methodology, not unlike our work with visual identities, we collaborated with the musicians and producer to cultivate the exact visceral experience that would inspire our target audience to “Indulge with a little Aloha”.

Project Info
Role: Creative Direction, Brand Development
Project: Building an auditory reinforcement mechanism that emphasizes the indulgence and ethos of a food brand.
Partners: Pacific Music Productions
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