Hawaiian Host: Looking Beyond Talent


As the capstone to a new brand design for Hawaiian Host, Amprsnd brought together and directed a world-class team to create relevant on-brand content that would speak to the heritage of the company and the Hawaiian Islands while incorporating a modern aesthetic that would carry the brand forward.

Geographically and culturally unique, Hawaii is a distinct market that has eluded global brands the world over. As a company with deep ties to Hawaii, Amprsnd recognized the necessity of building a team of talented individuals that understood and embraced the history of the Islands and the Hawaiian Host brand.



Through this project, we had the opportunity to bring together world-class talent that connected through a love for Hawaii and the stories and memories of Hawaiian Host. Our photographer, as a child in the Philippines, would receive care packages of Hawaiian Host from his father living in Hawaii. Our lead producer grew up in Hawaii eating Hawaiian Host. Her first MUA job, in fact, was styling the first modern iteration of the Hawaiian host brand. While the content create

With this team, Amprsnd was able to develop content for Hawaiian Host that honored the past while looking to the future and embodied the vision and ethos of the brand.

Project Info
Role: Agency of Record, Brand Development, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography
Project: Looking beyond talent for authenticity, we combined world-class talent and deep knowledge of both the product and its heritage to capture the vision and ethos of the brand.
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