Minor Hotels: Investing in Brand

We designed a compendium to help global leadership in the presentation of one of their large portfolio brands, bridging the gap commonly seen between brand and business development.

In large scale investments it is essential to align with the correct partners, both fiscally and operationally. Having a solid brand foundation and the materials that correctly communicate that brand is a critical first step in creating those partnerships. To align communications to reflect both the value and direction that the Minor team was proposing, we worked with the business development and marketing leadership to communicate the power of brand internally and across a global landscape.



Their leadership, lacking brand assets that reflected the quality they were proposing, wanted a toolbox that would allow them to present the critical metrics seamlessly with the quality of the brand. We developed a functional outline of the metrics their partners would need to make their decisions then synthesized that information to better present the feeling of the brand and its leadership teams. The functioning outline allowed us to communicate clearly across an ocean and maintain a clear hierarchy of communication for the ultimate presentation of materials.

We run into a good deal of “business types”, especially those traditionally trained in business administration and economics, that tend to discount the power of branded communication. Their argument against attending to the brand during this phase of communications usually lays somewhere at the feet of assumption. The assumption is that the deal only lies within the functional numbers of the deal being proposed. Our insight is a bit different, people are irrational and the decision makers tending to these transactions want to understand why they are investing as much as what they are investing in.



The role of brand in this case is to help the team move the conversation toward the facts to ensure there is no misunderstanding as to what their partners are investing in. Amprsnd provided the leaders of the Minor team a more efficient way of leading. Through our methodology, we have given the leadership teams the toolbox to provide this high level of concise communication to potential billion dollar partners.

Project Info
Role: Book Design, Graphic Design, Brand Development, Brand Consulting, Content Creation
Project: We worked with the international hospitality business to align their brand marketing group and sales team developing branded materials to help close large-capital investment deals.
Partners: Corporate
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