Nike: Global Digital Sizzle

We had 1-minute to engage audiences and communicate that digital was the future of Nike’s global push and motivate leadership teams to the cause

It’s hard to imagine a world where skeptics purveyed over the digital sales world but it didn’t exist too long ago.

The leadership of Nike’s team was in need of a communications piece to motivate their compatriots of the critical nature of this push.




To do this we synthesized the past and present data for digital sales with their projections for the next few years and directed a 1-minute live action and animated sizzle-reel to engage leadership teams throughout the company. The success of this initiative eventually translated into geography specific reels and communications that helped translate the localized tactics of those areas.

Often times operation initiatives can go overlooked in favor of the more romantic customer-facing programs. But the amazing team that we worked with understood that a brand is built from the inside out. And by engaging the right decision makers with these types of programs they were able to get the needed buy-in.

In the end, this 1-minute spot helped engage critical partners and support category leaderships ultimate success in pushing digital’s role in the footwear giant’s global growth.

Project Info
Role: Creative Direction
Project: In 1-minute we engaged audiences and communicated that digital was the future of Nike’s global push to leadership teams within the global footwear company.
Partners: Nike
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