Nike: Visualizing Global Projections

Working with the global leader in footwear to develop infographic systems communicating their global forecasts across categories, geographies, and timelines.

Most consider mathematics to be the only truly universal language, but we would argue that graphic communication is on par for one simple reason, when done well it is much simpler. And when you’re the world’s largest footwear company the metrics become overwhelming.

Nike’s global wholesale business encompasses nearly every country in the world. Their market projections are in the Billions and their business categories deliver athletic apparel and equipment for nearly all athletes contained within that framework. All of this information must be synthesized and then communicated in dozens of languages to both translates and motivate their employees to understand where they’ve been and where they need to go.

We first learned the information provided to us top-to-bottom. Understanding not only what the numbers were but what they meant for the business meant spending time with the leadership team responsible for the reporting the information. Only from there could we begin our design process, developing our information architecture and then the aesthetic approach to the design.

In many ways, it might have been quicker to communicate the information in the manner it was gathered. The problem that pure metrics present is that they dehumanize the influence of what they’re reporting; the reports lose context and without context, they lose meaning and effect. To help the global wholesale team combat this we built the system to easily communicate the past, the present, and the future of their business to their team members across the globe.

Project Info
Role: Creative Direction
Project: We designed a system that easily communicates the past, present, and future of Nike’s Global business across the globe.
Partners: Nike
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