Nike: Identity + UI

An animated sample of the beta for Nike’s wholesale digital share network.

The amazing Team of Nike’s WS.Com division asked us to redesign their identity and augment their efforts in the design of their UI and content sharing library.

A business such as Nike, operating on a global level, needs the ability to manage and share content across categories and geographies with the assurance that nothing will fall through the cracks. For the global team, this meant building the platform that could act to update metrics and provide the tools and content to sales teams in every geography and category in real-time.

Our approach involved us establishing an understanding of the team’s processes of communication and crossing them with basic share-culture to map out the context and circumstances of the content being shared. We then built wireframes and beta test of the concept to measure the value of the platform.

Eventually, the concept became a way of testing a larger company-wide content platform.

Though the project concluded without the launch, it was an amazing process that allowed us to work above and beyond the expectations of our clients and push our team.



Project Info
Role: Brand Development, Creative Direction, Interactive, Identity Design, Interactive Design
Project: Building a platform to manage and share content between teams globally. We developed a platform to bridge the content gap of geographies and categories around the world.
Partners: Nike
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