PBR: Localized Social Content Program

PBR: Localized Social Content Program

We developed an ongoing program to augment the efforts of the regional field marketing director by creating remarkable social content on a localized, event specific, and national level.

As a whole, brands that support field marketing programs endorse categorical involvement that can drastically change based on the micro-region. A perfect example of this is sporting events where just a few miles can drastically change the culture and traditions of a team.

Understanding that field marketing efforts are measured in part by the influence that each region has on the brands primary social networks, we programmed the content to cross reference regional and brand relevant initiatives, developing a content production schedule to build out an archive while leaving room for real-time production when necessary. Some pre built content did get offset by more pressing initiatives, causing for some excess. But this was a good problem that allowed both the brand and our team to have a more robust content archive.

In the end, the program successfully augmented the efforts of the regional teams by increasing engagement across their platforms, supporting and initiating corporate wide initiatives, and building a more mature social presence.

Project Info
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography, Digital Animation
Project: Augmenting field marketing efforts to help develop reliable and engaging social content for localized, event specific, and national level initiatives.
Partners: Beer Drinkers Worldwide!
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