Tender Loving Empire: eComm Lighting Design


We worked with Portland’s most ‘Portland’ retailer, Tender Loving Empire, designing and implementing their eCommerce lighting and photography standards in an effort to support their push expand digitally.

Even for boutique shops like TLE, who make their money supporting local and regional makers, it is essential to have a robust and eye-catching digital shopping experience. And with aggregate vendors, like Etsy and Amazon, creating portals for these vendors it was essential for TLE to have something unique that could be executed consistently from season to season.

Consumers expect this brand differentiation along with a seamless eComm platform that allows them to effortlessly browse for, compare, purchase, and ship products.

To do this we designed a lighting program that would create a dynamic look that was easily replicable while being able to show off the wide variety of products. Specifically, we call their lighting style “False Angles”. This is stemming from the use of the angle of the camera and use of shadow to anchor the product on the white background. Additionally, we maintained an unkempt styling mandate that highlights the individual attributes expected from smaller makers and, allows for each product to look less mechanical.



It would have been easy for the brand to ship out their products and commit to a very sterile approach to their ecommerce photography. But the brand knows itself and knows its audience and demanded an approach that spoke to who their customers are and who they wanted to be in every aspect of their brand.

The brand continues to grow digital sales and evolve as a brand because they know who they are and who their customers are and they deliver on that message. The art direction we provide for their eComm platform is only one small part of the grander picture, but it does make a difference.

Project Info
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photography
Project: We designed and implemented eCommerce lighting and photography standards in an effort to support the client's digital efforts.
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