Insight for Brands & Creatives

Everyday provides actionable insight to brand and creative professionals in and around the Footwear & Apparel industry.

Our AI analyzes millions of data-points. Turning it into consumer profiles and brand community analysis. Providing an easier and cost effective way to build around emerging trends and competitive forces.
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Consumer Profile

Profile your ideal consumer. Who they are now, where they will be, and how they they actually behave.

Empower Ideas

Bring data to your presentations by validating your concepts with Everyday. Everyday compliments the creative process and allows you to work naturally.

Brand Communities

Map the communities around your brand. Find out the emerging trends and competitive forces that influence them. See how they talk and behave.

Visual Analysis

Employ our visual-first identification to show the visual trends of your products, logos, colors, and copy.

Competitive Advantage

Retailers experience competitive advantage through use of data analytics.

Time Saving

Data driven professionals experience and average of 25% decrease in wasted time.

Cost Savings

Data driven organizations experience a 300% reduction in costs.


Technology Services

An assortment of services tailored to the specific, special, and diverse needs of the modern business.
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Dynamic Brand tracking

Dynamic brand tracking allows businesses to monitor and measure dynamic sets of brand signals. Cross-compare signal choices and validate assumptions. Monitor brand health with a single set, or run a multiple set analysis to compare sub-brands, color-ways, and competitive efforts.


Cross Comparison

Upload your digital marketing metrics to compare against how your brand and products are showing up across digital media.


Aggregated Brand Content

No longer rely on manual aggregation of branded content. Everyday will aggregate ad, brand, and user-generated branded content.


Market Trend

Produce comprehensive market trend reports centered around consumer brand interactions.


Post Purchase Behavior

Close the post-purchase gap by tracking your brand after purchase.


Activation Exposure

Measure the exposure generated by physical and digital activations by tracking brand signals across digital channels.


Use Cases

An assortment of services tailored to the specific, special, and diverse needs of the modern business.
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Competitive Benchmarking
Track how your competitors and their customers are taking action in the marketplace. Aggregating content and data into one place.
● Better Competitive Analysis
● React to competitive marketing
● Target competitor customers
Brand Discovery
Map the life of your brand and all of its signals. With real-time insight into where, when, how users are interacting with your logo, colors, taglines, and imagery.
● Where is your brand appearing
● How are people interacting
● Assist creative initiatives
● Aggregate your company's branded content.
● Track every signal of your brand: name, logo, colors, taglines, and imagery.
Customer Insight
Actionable customer insight in real-time. Increase the lifetime value of your customers by monitoring how your brand is being used and who is using it.
● Track UGC: Track your brand across User-Generated Content (UGC)
● Data Driven Decisions: Inform your decisions with real-time data on who your customer is and how they are using your brand.
● Trend Analysis: Analyze the trends of and around your brand.
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