EverydaySuccess or Failure?

Success or Failure?

It has been wonderful to see how many people within our community are coming together to assist each other. Still, a great deal of the advice is open-ended and without context. All of this can add to the confusion and paralyze businesses in these hard times. I want to make sure that we provide simple, easy to follow concepts for people.

In general, we can summarize our best advice as follows.

Steps to Take:

  1. Assess your organization’s current market position and financial health.
  2. Manage your costs by cutting lower-value processes and reducing complexity.
  3. Prepare for your next move by managing cash, divesting non-core assets, and investing in technologies that create efficiencies.
  4. And, most importantly, go on an early offense by realigning sales and outreach to priority accounts and prospects while maintaining marketing efforts while your competitors’ cut-back.

Your best bet is to work with an expert to identify what is best for your business specifically. At Amprsnd we are offering remote consultations and workshops for businesses that need perspective and guidance. We have made available deferred payment schedules to help you alleviate cost concerns when your working capital is needed most.



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